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Vortech Superchargers

In 1990 Jim Middlebrook designed a new internally gear-driven compressor and went on to found Vortech Superchargers. As their name states, Vortech is everything supercharger.  They make supercharger units and kits, air and fuel components, brackets, pulleys and belts for helping you get the most out of your engine.

Vortech Supercharger Model Differences

So what’s the difference between Vortech Superchargers?


Vortech has named their compressors with the V-1, V-2 and so on to let you know what type of gear case or transmission Vortech used on that particular supercharger.  Usually that distinction is followed by something like “Si-Trim” or “YSi-Trim” and so on and this designation labels the size of the supercharger and the type of impeller used on that particular supercharger.


V-1 means that the gear casing houses straight cut gears, which make the supercharger louder when you focus your attention on the part of the supercharger where you can usually hear the noise from the gears. The V-1 DOES NOT come with an internal oiling system which means oil lines need to be inserted and that a drain line will have to be installed from the supercharger to the oil pan.  The V-1 comes normally with standard-duty gears, but can be made with heavey duty gears for people willing to use a cog pulley setup.


V-2 superchargers also need to have oil feed and drain lines. But unlike the V-1, the V-2 uses helical gears inside of the gear case. Since helical gears cut diagonally, as opposed to straight like the V-1’s, they help stop a lot of the noise you would otherwise hear coming from the casing. Vortech calls their V-2 head units “SQ”, which means “super quiet”.


The major difference between the V-3 head unit and the V-1 and V-2 is that no oil lines are needed.  Vortech has supplied an internal lubrication system that makes the supercharger independent of the car’s oiling system.  However, this means using Vortech’s supercharger oil inside the unit.  Like the V-2, though, the V-3 also has helical gears, making it much more quiet than the V-1.  


Those are Vortech’s main transmission types for its superchargers.  So let’s talk about the second half of the name we see when looking at their superchargers – Vortech compressors.  Vortech makes many different compressor sizes with different power bans, but the most common are the SCi-Trim, Si-Trim and T-Trim..

The SCi-Trim are for smaller displacement engines.  The Si-Trim is the most popular and are perfect for street and racing applications.  Vortech uses these in their Mustang superchargers, particularly the 4.6L and 5.0L Mustangs.  They are also used in the 5.7L and 6.1L Dodge and Chrysler Hemi kits.  The Si-Trim is used in V-1, V-2 and V-3 supercharger transmissions. The T-Trim is for people seeking true power. Those with modified engines seeking boost levels in the 12-18 psi range are a perfect match for the T-Trim compressor.  Currently, T-Trim is only available in the V-1 and V-2 transmissions.