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Forced Induction

Forced Induction

Most of the world's cars are "naturally aspirated," which means the air is drawn into the engine from the surrounding air available.  When we say a car has been "souped up," we are most likely talking forced induction, which is the process of forcing air into the engine in a larger capacity than naturally aspirated vehicles.  Most times, this involves a supercharger or turbocharger, along with other high performance aftermarket parts that enhance the functioning of air intake and other systems within the vehicle to make more horsepower.  

A car operates by air drawn (or forced) into an engine's cylinder as it mixes with the appropriate amount of fuel and a spark which produces an explosion, forcing the piston down.  This then turns the crank and eventually translates to the wheels. The more air in the cylinder, the more fuel the engine can use, increasing power.  Vehicles with forced induction are "forcing" a larger amount of air into the cylinder which then combines with more fuel and equals a larger explosion, forcing the engine to produce more power, turning the wheels faster.

At Zero In Racing, we sell anything and everything you need to get every ounce of horsepower out of your vehicle from high performance superchargers, turbo chargers, blow off valves, nitrous systems and more.  If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we will order it for you, pronto!