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Air Intake Systems

Air Intake Systems

How air travels from the environment into an engine is a precision endeavor and can be modified to deliver cleaner or more dense or just plain more air depending on the parts you use. 

In the average car, air enters the engine compartment through the grille, fenders or from under the car and is drawn into the engine via the air box which has a filter inside it.  Sports and race cars usually use a scoop to draw in more outside air which is denser and provides better combustion.  Once in the filter, debris, insects, etc are filtered out of the air as it travels into the air intake tube to the throttle body.  If the vehicle is using a turbocharger, the air is then condensed.  This process makes the air denser and more oxygenated, but it unfortunately also makes it hot, which is when an intercooler comes into play. The intercooler cools the air to prevent premature ignition and prevent engine pinging. From the intercooler, it then travels to the intake manifold where it disperses it to the intake valves that sit atop each cylinder.  The intake valves then allow a pre-designed amount of air into the cylinder and then closes to allow the piston to compress the air.  

Zero In Racing has air intake systems and parts that can enhance your vehicle's air intake, allowing for more horsepower and fuel efficiency.  When the air is right, so is the gas.  We have high performance air filters, short ram intakes, cold air intakes, scoops, throttle bodies and all of the other components you will need to make sure that air is right.