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Garrett specializes in making high performance intercoolers and turbochargers. John Clifford Garrett is forever linked to the story of turbocharging. Garrett’s passion for engineering and aviation got him a job at Lockheed as their 29th employee in 1928.

However, he harboured an ambition to run his own aviation company and on May 21, 1936, he created the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company which would become the Garrett Supply Company) in Los Angeles. Before the 1930's were over, Garrett had created his first product--an all-aluminum aircraft intercooler. By the end of the 1940s, Garret was on the NYSE. In the 1950's, Garrett focused on expansion. The company’s aerospace design experience and knowledge supported the development of Garrett's car based business and soon the company was known for it's auto engine boosting parts.