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From performance builds & modifications to custom parts built in-house and found nowhere else, Zero In Racing has the most comprehensive custom parts portfolio and inventory of racing tires (Mickey Thompson, etc.) to help you with all of your racing needs and projects. Discover more of what Zero In Racing can do for you and get more details on @

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Our long-term commitment to racing world expectations is the driving force behind our success.We are a team of regular track rats and professionals who are working hard to provide you with better/custom products at the best prices, to give you the competitive edge you need at the track or the late night digs in your area.

Get Involved and Get Access To Winning Methods and Parts

We are looking for motivated individuals who want to find the best and least expensive ways to improve your performance and we have some incredible ideas we are constantly testing and seeing big gains with.

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Zero In Racing is a team of drag racers, street racers, exceptional mechanics, forward thinkers, custom fabricators, custom tuners (with EXCEPTIONAL customer service), custom production parts and major buyer and inventory carrier of some of the most sought after brands in the racing industry. Mickey Thompson Tires, Ford pattern 15x13 and 17x4 Strange or Santhuff spindle mounts, Ford pattern, 15x12 4” backspace, double beadlocks, 17x4.5 fronts, and more, ALL IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.
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